Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Altering Impressions of Vietnam

Before looking at this pictures, you were asked to consider your impression of Vietnam (both the land and the people). You considered the terrain and climate of the land as well as the clothing, food, homes, etc of the people.

Please look at the pictures on the link below. After examining the pictures, please write a thoughtful comment that explains your initial impressions of the country and its people as well has how your impression has been altered.

Developed Countries vs Developing Countries

"The term 'underdeveloped' has recently come to refer to those countries whicha re technically not as well-equipped as certain others. The term also covers usually area which are, or have been, more or less politically dependent upon foreign powers. It describes nations which are not economically independent. Almost all of them, however are 'have' nations in the sense taht they are rich in natural resources. Almost all are 'old' nations in the sense that they have cultures the conscious history of which may be thousands of years old. These nations are also characterized by a high percentage of illiteracy, a large low-income group, a very small middle class, adn a very small upper class. Their outstanding characteristic is taht they are all in a sense of transition. Transition itself is the product of conflict between their own culture and the impact of Western civilization." (Arasteh, Reza. "Some Problems of Education in Underdeveloped Countries." Middle East Journal. Vol. 12. No. 3. Summer, 1958.)

It's Wedneseday morning, and time for school. You no longer live in America, but in a country that's "developing." Based on your knowledge of developing countries, explain some of the challenges you would face to obtain an education.