Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mob Mentality: Modern Day Egypt vs Dickens' France

As you know from reading A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens believes that mobs can cause problems. In psychology, there is a term for this: mob mentality. Social psychologists, however, prefer terms such as "herd behavior" or "crowd hysteria." Regardless of how you term the behavior, psychologists have concluded that people in mobs often react differently to situations than people gathered in small groups.

After watching the 60 minutes video on Lara Logan, please respond to the following questions.

1.) How does the video impact you emotionally?

2.) What characteristics do you feel Lara Logan possesses that allows her to overcome adversity? How can you apply this to your life?

3.) Consider Dickens' concern about mob behavior. How do you see evidence of mob mentality in A Tale of Two Cities as well as in Lara Logan's story.


Anonymous said...

1.)I feel sympathy towarn the woman in this video, and anger toward the stupidity and primitive behavior of this mob.

2.)The characteristics that Lara Logan posseses to overcome adversity are, will, responsibility. This can apply to me thrrough trying to get over my problems.
3.)Just like in A Tale of
Two Cities, mobs in egypt revert to a primitive and bloodthirsty state. They had little value for human life, and forgot what they were.
Their violence did nothing but harm in both cases.

Seth Killingbeck

Anonymous said...

1.) How does the video impact you emotionally?
Emotionally I feel sad and upset for Lara. Sexual Assault is weird in itself but to have it happen to somebody and then hear a story is quite depressing.

2.) What characteristics do you feel Lara Logan possesses that allows her to overcome adversity? How can you apply this to your life?
I believe she can cope with things in her life that happen. If not she would be an emotional wreck and simply do nothing but think about what has happened. She understands that it happened, and shes thankful that she is alright, so she goes on with living her life. That is how I saw it

3.) Consider Dickens' concern about mob behavior. How do you see evidence of mob mentality in A Tale of Two Cities as well as in Lara Logan's story.
A Tale of Two Cities was more of a laid back mob. The mob in ATOTC were the rich people, who believed that they could do whatever, and get away with it. Simply because they could. Such like the man who ran his horse and buggy over this kid and threw a coin at the father. But the egyptian mob is more intense and more involved with the act of doing something, and they have a mentality where they do not care what the person they are hurting thinks.

anthony o

Anonymous said...

Mike Campos:
1.)It made me very angry.
2.)She is a very strong woman.
3.)In a mob people will do things that they normally won't do. They attacked this woman that they didn't even know.

1.) It makes me sad for her, and evey person who goes through that.
2.) She tries to find the good in things and take a lessson from what happened.
3.) In ATOTC dickens showes how violent mobs can be in the grindstone scene by showing there bloodthirsty actions. and in laras storie she expresses how bloodthirsty and relentless the crowd becomes.

holly mcclain said...

This video makes me feel very scared because many women are abused, like Lara, all over the world. I feel very bad and i feel genuine sorrow for the women that have experienced something like this.

Lara Logan possesses stength, to overcome this act for her children, and strength to not allow these men to harras her. Having strength and keeping your head high can help improve your life. You can apply this characteristic by standing up for yourself and others, and by never giving up.

Dickens believed that people in mobs behaved widly, and in the video this idea was proved. Lara Logan was in a crowd of people that pused, shoved, raped, yelled, and beat her. A Tale of Two Cities and the video we previously watched, describe how mobs are violent and wild.

sarrahhxo19 said...

1.The video impacts me by it really opens up my eyes to what really goes on in the world. It shocks me in many ways and disturbs me that people could actually do this to a helpless woman and feel no emotion towards it.

2.i think the characteristics would be determination and bravery. with out them i feel as if she may have not made it thorugh. i can apply these things to my life by if i am determined and brave to get through things i can accomplish anything.

3.) Consider Dickens' concern about mob behavior. How do you see evidence of mob mentality in A Tale of Two Cities as well as in Lara Logan's story.

3. i see it by both stories show and give examples of how severe a mob is.I see it in ATOTC and in the Lara story by the mobs are described as really big and harmful.

Brittany Kenyon said...

1. The video impacted me emotionally because what Laura went through, no one should go through. She went to Egypt thinking nothing would happen but instead in the mob she got tormented and raped. Her story was very touching and i would never want that to happen to me.

2. Laura Logan got stronger after this expierence. When she was in the mob she could not fight because there was just to many people to fight off. She thought about her kids while she was getting emotionally and physically torn apart. Her kids are 1 and 2 and she thought that if she given up, then she would be giving up on her kids also. Rape happens all over the world, and not many girls can get up and share their story like Laura did. She feels that other women should be able to tell someone about their expirence.

3. Dickens proves a mob's behavior is not right. If the people of Egypt were alone and not in a huge mob then they wouldnt of had the guts to rape her. Dickens view on a mob is that it isnt right. Laura shows this because of her getting hurt and beat while trying to fight off so many people. She knew that she had to fight, so thats exactly what she did. A mob can potentionally hurt someone, like in A tale of two cities the wine scene. people were fighting to get to the wine because they were all starving. Laura just wanted to get away and be somewhere safe. They both tie into each other and Laura's story proves this.

Anonymous said...

1. Emotionally, this video made me very sad. To hear about her experiences in egypt is very disturbing. As a girl, being able to relate to her and think about her going back to her family and being so strong is amazing. I am glad she was able to overcome what happened and move on to be a stronger woman.

2. I think Lara possess many characteristics that helped her overcome adversity, one of which is bravery. Lara had to finally give in to the sexual demands of the Egyptians and try to survive for her family. Also, by caring about her family and wanting to stay alive for them she is very caring and responsible.

3. Charles Dicken's idea of mobs is that when you are in large groups more harm is done then when you are alone. This is the exact case of what happened inb Egypt.
Emma Ethier

Elijah Rostron said...

1. This video was very sad, it makes me feel compasion for her and it makes me wish some men werent so messed up. the video makes me feel sad that this happened.
2. She posseses physical, emotional and mental strenth to overcome this life changing event. She is stronger than i can ever be because she got through this. also to be able to put this in the past and live in the present shows that she is strong. I can apply this to everything i do in my life.
3. The mentality of a mob is very different because it is multiple emotions together. If one person says something it makes everyone want to do it because of peer pressure.

Anonymous said...

1.) This video impacted me in an emotional way. It was very sad what hapened to this woman and that it was ok for people to do so to her.It made me rwalize how cultures are so different and how peopole treat others based on their religion.

2.) I think what helped Laura overcome the adversity was that she was strong and a good mother, she wanted to stay alive becuase she didnt want to abandon her children like any mother would do. Ic ould apply this to my life by bing strong and not alwasy doing things for myself but for others like how Laura must have wanted to just give in but she faught for her children and her family.

3.) The mob was very badly behaved in both stories. In A Tale of two cities the mob goes crazy when they storm the Bastele they do not act like civil hmans. LIke in LAuras story they werent acting like civil people when they did those bad things to Laura.

Taylor Portanova

Anonymous said...

1.) How does the video impact you emotionally?
because it makes you think and feel bad for this woman.

2.) What characteristics do you feel Lara Logan possesses that allows her to overcome adversity? How can you apply this to your life?
she possesses hope that allowed her to overcome her troubles and i could apply this to my school work.

3.) Consider Dickens' concern about mob behavior. How do you see evidence of mob mentality in A Tale of Two Cities as well as in Lara Logan's story.
evidence of the mobs is that they are both scary and unpredictable

Anonymous said...

1.) How does the video impact you emotionally?
It was emotional to hear what Lara went through after going to Egypt to report something. Nobody ever thinks that it can happen to them, but hearing what she went through it terrifying. Even though I don't know themn personally I feel bad for them.

2.) What characteristics do you feel Lara Logan possesses that allows her to overcome adversity? How can you apply this to your life?
I feel Lara's family made her overcome adversity. She became that much stronger when she thought about them and it made her fight for herself as much as she could. Applying it to my life, if I thought about the people who I care about and cared about me, I would try as hard as I could to escape danger, and do whatever it takes.

3.) Consider Dickens' concern about mob behavior. How do you see evidence of mob mentality in A Tale of Two Cities as well as in Lara Logan's story.
An example from A Tale of Two Cities that shows mob mentality is when they storm the Bastele and everybody goes crazy. This relates to the story about Lara because it shows that any mob will go after whoever and wont stop if they have a group of people with them.

Colleen Twitchell

Cassy said...

1. This video makes you feel really sorry for Lara Logan because she had no idea what would happen to her. Since she was in a different part of the world where she could not translate the language on her own she could not understand that the people around her were saying that they should 'rip her pants off'.
2. Lara seems to want to tell her story because it has impacted her so much. I'm sure that this experience for her has made her grow more weary of crowds she may enter but she seems to have the strength to talk about that tragic night that happened to her. If you had strength like this in your everyday life people may be able to trust each other more to talk about more personal things, for the people that don't already do that.
3. Both mob's ignore what they SHOULD do then what they are doing. Mobs in both ignore the law and they both do inhumane things.

Anonymous said...

1. I feel frightened for Lara Logan in this video, yet I feel Lara had a sense of courage to fight through her pain and surivive for her children's sake.

2. Lara has courage, responsiblility, and bravery to overcome her advisity.

3. According to Charles Dicken's, A Tale of Two Cities, he describes how people in groups do not have a good outcome while Lara's experience shows the same things.\
Rachel Meyer

Anonymous said...

1) Unfortunately, the things that happend to Ms. Logan are not uncommon in any country. However, no matter how common it may be, it is still a traumatic experience for all involved (especially the victem, in this case Ms. Logan). I do feel sympathy for her, and wish her the best, and I also feel sad that things like this still happen, especially on a day that is supposed to be joyous.
2) Lara Logan is definitely aided by what type of person she is. Mainly, the fact that she was able to fight to stay alive for her children, even though it meant succuming to crowd violence, definitely helped her stay alive. If she had fought tooth and nail against the crowd, for example, it is plausible that she would have just angered the crowd further, prompting them to quickly murder her. Her courage against adversity helped during the situation itself, but also to aid her recovery & for her to be able to talk about her ordeal publicly. Although no one should be put in that specific situation, the survivalist & curageous mentality could aid in almost any situation.
3) In both "A Tale of Two Cities," mob mentality lead to the brutal murder of countless civilians & aristocrats alike, where Lara Logan's attackers were suade into a vicious sexual assault. In both occasions, mobs were lead into a frenzy because people when in mobs can be readily hypnotized into doing things they would never do otherwise, and with relative ease. In both circumstances, crowds of otherwise normal people were coersed into doing brutal and inhumane things.
-Roland R.

MIKE ROCHA >:O said...

As the woman told her story throughout the video i became more and more shocked at what hapened to her. I started to feel almost helplus just listening to her describing the vivid details of her raping. Just knowing that these people could easily man handle this poor woman while she cried for help made me feel so uneasy inside. She also overcame her adversity with her bold and strong personality. Mobs behave very vioently in crowds, dickens shows this in his novels, and this event proves how violent crowds can become.

Anonymous said...

1. The vidoe left me feeling really bad for not only Lara, but for all of the women who are treated in that awful way.

2. One characteristic that lara posses that allows her to overcome adervisty is her love for her children. She is just about to give up when she thinks about her children. This gives her the will power to fight and stay alive.

3. One example of mob mentality in A Tale of Two Cities is when the mob does the dance when Lucie is waiting at the street corner.

Cody Powers

Anonymous said...

1) The video was very disturbing. No woman should ever have to go through anything like that. For me it it was kind of emotional to listen to what this poor woman had to go through. My sympathy goes out to her.

2)I feel that Lara Logan has strength, hopefulness, will power, and is just all around a great woman. I feel that i can posses these sort of things if i put y mind to it. If i do things pertaining to my life in the right manner or form then i will be able to overcome over any adversity that i am faced with.

3) In ATOTC the mobs were are not very well behaved. They were were not as bad as the mob in Lara Logan's story but they were still pretty bad. Lara Logans story had the mob being a very horrible and violent thing. They pretty much hand raped her and they did things that no one in this world should have to go through. They had a very bad mentality.

- bgill

Anonymous said...

As the video was being played, it impacts the viewer emotionally because her story was very heartbreaking to hear. Most viewers cry and feel sick to their stomach to listen to the things that has happen to this poor lady since she was simply just trying to complete her job.It was also difficult to realize that people would actually do those things to someone.The characteristics that Lara Logan possesses that allows her to overcome adversity is her strength and determination. These characteristics make the viewer want to be stronger and more determined in their own lives, by seeing Lara overcome a horrible incident in her life.In both A Tale of Two Cities and in Lara Logan’s story show the concerns many people have about mob behavior. Each of these stories explain that being with a group of people, people end up doing things they may have thought they would never do and also that mobs are unpredictable and most times harmful.
Shannon McManus